MOANA YACHTS is a leading provider of marine design & manufacturing in China, focusing on building  high-end custom or semi-custom power catamaran yachts.Due to our firm pursuit of absolute quality, rooted in the south Pacific tradition, MOANA has always devoted to manufacture boats with the most elegant design and using state of the art techniques.Fully adaptable to our customers’needs, MOANA  is your best choice under any circumstance, be it a confident business trip across the ocean, a self-challenging exploration of the unknown, or a calm and relaxing holiday time with family.

  • Exploration of recreation

    After regular maintenance and checks, our after-sales service team are brainstorming and exploring for new routes for boat owners to experience easy and relaxed cruising.

  • Masterly craftsmanship

    We have never failed our pursuit for quality. It’s only that our pursuit is getting higher, yet so does our persistence and action. 

  • Always being creative

    In the concept of MOANA YACHTS, our cutting-edge technology and bold innovation are embodied in the boat itself. the intelligent and electronic facilities only make it better.